Maca Can Increase Your Energy

too tired to care Fatigue, lack of energy and generally feeling lethargic, are not uncommon for many people, at some points in their lives.

When energy levels are not sufficient for one to go about their daily routine or do their daily tasks, life can really become problematic.

But all is not lost .. Maca extract can help!

The issues of fatigue tend to become enhanced as people get older for various reasons. While fatigue can be due to many medical reasons, some very common life situations and issues can also be the cause extreme tiredness and lethargy.

Addressing the Symptoms

The first stage of addressing and overcoming your lack of energy, is with the food you eat.

Eating the right foods, and eliminating the ‘junk’ or bad foods, is the first step in fighting fatigue, boosting long and short term sustained energy supply.

The foods you consume significantly affect how your body operates – whether you have heaps of energy, or the lack thereof.

Let’s take caffeine, for example. Drink one cup of coffee, and it plays a positive role in energy levels, even your health. But excessive amounts of caffeine causes dehydration (not to mention, the ‘jitters’), which then leads to serious feelings of fatigue.

Maca Boosts Your Energy and Eliminates Fatigue

Maca delivers more than 55 different phytonutrients to the body, including precursors of hormones and sterols. Known as a super-food, it has been proved to reduce the levels of cortisol made by the hypothalamus.

Elevated levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), disrupts both physical as well as emotional health (1).

It has the capacity to cause sleep issues, weight gain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression and heart disease, all of which give rise to fatigue and a serious lack of energy.

Reduced levels of cortisol, means reduced stress levels (like for like).

Two compounds of maca in particular, macamides and macaenes, are believed to be directly responsible for its energy-enhancing effects.

Additionally trace minerals like zinc and selenium found in maca, aid in fighting medical problems that cause depression and fatigue, like anemia, malnutrition, and menstrual imbalances.

Maca also contains high amounts of iron which increases oxygen transportation around the body, which also fights the fatigue.

A member of the radish family, maca is typically consumed in powder form. The powder is obtained by drying the root at low temperatures to protect the vegetable’s nutritional value.

A Replacement for Caffeine?

caffeine Many people depend on caffeine to get through the day, but maca delivers increased energy levels without the jittery effects of caffeine.

In fact a lot of athletes count on maca to provide the increased stamina during their workouts.

Unlike caffeine, maca is not a stimulant which means that there are no sudden energy level crashes in the later part of the day.

Maca is classified as an adaptogen. These are substances that work with the body’s natural progression, rebuilding weak immune systems and replenishing an undernourished body.

Maca works on the body’s hormonal, glandular, nervous, cardiovascular and musculature systems.

It especially affects the endocrine system, which is made up of a group of glands that produce hormones or messengers which are vital for normal body function (2).

Many of the physiological processes occurring in the body are automatically controlled by these hormones. Upon release, they enter the bloodstream and are carried to organs and tissues in the entire body.

Maca does not contain any hormones.

But, it does contain all the elements needed for the body to produce hormones.

And it provides the fuel to ‘jump start’ the endocrine system into producing hormones in amounts required by each individual body.

Due to the pesticides and pollutants in the environment and in our diets, the majority of people’s hormonal levels are out of balance.

Using maca is a natural way to help re-balance hormone levels, returning endurance and the vitality of your youth.

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