Does Maca Have Any Benefits for Hair Loss

hair loss Loss of fifty to one hundred strands of hair per day is normal, however serious hair loss in men (or women) can be the result of a number of different issues.

Quite often it is just the result of preordained factors related to family history, or simply due to the cumulative aging process.

Customary physiological factors also contribute to the thinning of hair in many men starting in their thirties and forties.

Changes in life such as emotional or physical stress, or alterations in diet can also lead to the hair thinning out.

Also, if you get a bad case of food poisoning, the lack of nutrient absorption during this time, may result in hair loss over the following few months.

It is Proven That Maca Can Restore Lost Hair

While there are many wild claims about reversing the balding process, there is one simple, natural way backed by scientific knowledge that can help to restore lost hair … Maca!

Maca is the most recently discovered ‘super-food’ containing a host of vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients, minerals, and phytohormones, that can bring back lost hair.

Among other things maca is defined as an adaptogen.

Most of the initial research into adaptogen’s was initially carried out in detail by Dr. I.I. Brekhman in 1950s when he studied Panax ginseng (1). By 1969 he and co-workers defined pharmacological properties of adaptogenic compounds, as substances that are non-toxic to the user.

The adaptogen’s activity is not targeted to specific areas and it works by enhancing resistance to chemical, biological and physical factors. Finally, they work by making organs in living things carry out their jobs normally.

When maca is consumed it does precisely this; it restores hormonal balance which aids in bringing back the locks of hair you had in your youth.

Maca in Your Shampoo

Maca benefits for stimulating hair growth are well recognized by the cosmetic industry, because they are infusing the root powder into shampoos to be used as a daily preventative measure.

The macaenes and macamides found in the Peruvian extract are responsible for this. Compounds found in the plant aid in production of the epithelial sheath cells, the bulb surrounding new hair, which in turn promotes hair growth and provides protection against outside stress.

Additionally use of maca can increase collagen thickness in the tissue just under the skin, which better allows the hair to adhere to the scalp.

It’s About the Hormones!

On the molecular level one reason men suffer from hair loss if because of increased amounts of a hormone called Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT) (2). And regardless of the name, it is not actually testosterone.

DHT is produced from estrogen, and it follows that the levels of estrogen have to rise before DHT levels can get to the point where hair is actually lost.

An Important Study

In a study carried out at the University of Iowa, a group of 18 – 20 year old males were injected with testosterone that was 600 times than their normal levels, and the effects were compared with a control group of 50 year old males. Both groups were monitored for the same parameters.

Instead of having higher levels of DHT, due to increased amounts of the testosterone injected, it was found that the 18 – 20 year group had consistently lower DHT levels.

At the same time the testosterone levels of the control group (males over 50) were decreasing naturally but the levels of DHT increasing, which is known to lead to greater hair loss in older males.

In order to ensure that DHT levels do not increase and lead to baldness in older men, it is important to ensure hormone levels are kept in balance, like they are during more youthful years.

This can be done through oral consumption of maca.

How to Use Maca to Treat Thinning Hair

Extract of the root can be applied to the head directly to restore resiliency and quantity of hair.

It’s as simple as adding some water to maca powder to make a paste, and then applying the mixture to the head for ten to fifteen minutes before showering.

This has shown significant improvement according to people using it on a regular basis, who have said it restored resiliency and quantity.

Maca for Dry Scalp

Many people also claim that maca helps to treat dry scalp and related conditions. And the best part is, that being a natural root vegetable, there are no side effects to using maca applied directly on the head, which you often find with over-the-counter treatments from your pharmacy.

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