The Maca Perfection is about the nutritional and healing benefits of maca, the Peruvian super-food which exists only in the highest peaks of the Andes. This root, which resembles a rather large radish or a turnip has been used by the indigenous population for thousands of years, for treatments and also as fertility ‘enhancers’.

Cattle and other livestock were fed maca to produce strong, young animals, but tribal humans also consumed this vegetable to help produce healthy babies.

Andy, the author and owner of this site is a health and wellness enthusiast who focuses on natural/organic products, and how they could easily be used in place of some dangerous, over-the-counter medicines.

Not many, or rather, not enough people are aware of the potential side effects of NSAID’s (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), but they can often be worse than the condition they were prescribed to treat. I’m talking about aspirin and ibuprofen based medicines, which if taken for prolonged periods and on empty stomachs, can cause digestive upsets, or worse, perforations of the gastrintestinal system.

Maca is a super-food that should not be overlooked. It is uniqely safe, but there are some side effects of maca that every user should be aware of, if they have thyroid problems or have trouble sleeping at night.

Maca comes in several forms, like liquid and powder, and obviously as the root itself. It can be taken as a supplement or, usually in powdered form, maca can be added to a number of smoothie recipes to make an absolutely delicious drink or desert.

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