Andy James

Twenty first century people generally lack the vital nutrients needed to sustain and promote a healthy body. Andy James is an amateur naturopath, with a huge interest in replacing, often harmful medicines, with organic products that will allow anybody to protect and heal their own body from free radicals and the diseases they bring. You can subscribe to Andy's free daily newspaper called The Maca Super-Food Daily and follow him on Google+

Maca and Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

This Maca and Strawberry Smoothie recipe not only tastes like heaven, but with the extra vitamins and antioxidants from the red fruit – it can help unborn babies and free a new mother of post natal depression.

Maca and Spirulina Smoothie

This Spirulina and Maca smoothie has all the health benefits you’ll ever need. High in protein and minerals, spirulina adds to the maca an unbelievable immune system boost.

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